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Most artists who have been involved in recording their own or others music, have also tried mixing it to some degree.  Thus most artists know that the mixing process is the place where the sound and expression of the given song is created. The arrangement can be changed, the general expression can be altered, and one might say that this is the place where the song's unique story unfolds.

The process of mixing a song may vary to a large degree, depending on a number of elements, which includes the number of tracks, the style of music and of course the direction the artist/producer wants the song to go.

The first thing I do before mixing a song is to have a good talk with the artist/producer about where they would like to see the song end up. This is of course a very individual matter, as personal taste and aesthetics have a lot to say.

After we agree on a direction, I usually spend some time on making an initial mix, which is presented to the artist/producer. If they believe that the track is going in the right direction, I can then proceed and finish the track.