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Price pr. track: DKK 350,-/ EUR 47,-

10 tracks or more: DKK 300,- per track/EUR 40,-

Certified Master for iTunes: DKK 200,-/EUR 27,-

No additional charges for a vinyl master.

No additional charges for DDP or Redbook master.

All mastering sessions include the following (if necessary):

  • Processing
  • Loudness control
  • Stereo Width control
  • Cleaning of start and end points of tracks
  • Spacing between tracks
  • Arrangement of tracks
  • Noise reduction, removement of clicks and pops
  • Setup of tracklist and timing for the pressing plant to use.

All digital masters will be embedded with meta data, ISRC codes and so forth at no extra charge.

All masters are satisfaction-guaranteed, meaning: You don't pay until you're satisfied.

Please get in touch and ask, if you have doubts, or other inquiries.


As the work load may vary depending on the project, please get in touch and let's have a talk about your requirements.


Get in touch for quotes on Vinyl and CD production. I have worked on more than 400 Vinyl productions and more than a handful CD productions. I can help you get that vinyl you always wanted.