Welcome to Mammut Mastering - a mastering and mixing studio in the Nordvest quarter of Copenhagen.

My name is Mads Bordinggaard Christensen. I have worked with audio mastering, mixing and vinyl production for more than 10 years, and I have been involved in more than 400 different releases. Please have a look at the references section to check out a few of them.

I chose the tagline "Make Better Records" because, even though it may seem a bit cheasy, that's what we should - You, I and everybody else should always strive for the best product possible. That's where I believe I can help you.

Your wishes and demands are always first priority, and usually we'll have a good chat about how you imagine the finished record should sound like before I even start my work.

The Studio itself is well equipped with first grade acoustics, and all the tools nescessary for high-end production. Check the studio section for more info.

Whether you are looking for mastering, mixing or general tips on how to finish your album audio and artwork feel free to get in touch.